That’s the time horizon we operate on. And for good reason. We all know that what’s relevant today is history tomorrow. The world’s just too fast, the market’s too fickle, the platforms too many. So, for brands to keep up, speed is key. At NoA Elevate, we help clients adopt to this reality by delivering content as a service – crafting ideas, putting them in motion, and optimize the result based on actionable data. Fast.

Regardless of scope, we offer subscription-based content production, suited to your every need. Cost-effective, predictable, scalable – and super easily managed. Click, click, done!

The first click will get you started


Predictability, here we come.

With NoA Elevate you’ll take total control over your budget and get way more bang for the buck. Our subscription model will provide you with an unparalleled overview and transparency, with visible hours to be spent on whatever you like. And oh, you’ll get your own customer success manager as a single point of contact.

Is it flexible? You bet.

Any potential unused hours in you subscribed package will roll over to the next month. And if a month is more hectic than usual you can borrow hours from your future months. Need more services for a period? Level up, by the click of a button. Need to level down in a period of calm – same thing.

Extra! Extra! Read all about it now.

Try our services for a month (minimum otherwise is three months) without any strings attached. And if you sign up for a 12-month subscription, we will give you whopping 30 hours for free.


50 Hours - 59.000 SEK / month

Competence included:

  • Content Designer
  • Customer Success Manager
  • Content Creative


108 Hours - 130.000 SEK / month

+ 20 bonus hours

Competence included:

  • Content Designer
  • Customer Success Manager
  • Content Creative
  • Motion Designer


175 Hours - 210.000 SEK / month

+ 40 bonus hours

Competence included:

  • Content Designer
  • Customer Success Manager
  • Content Creative
  • Motion Designer
  • Strategist

Tailor made

Your need is our command

We tailor-make the subscription to your specific needs.

Maybe you just need one or two specific types of competence but plenty of more hours? Or less hours but more motion support, etc. Also, if you have a project that’s not recurring but need help a few times during the year, we’ll be happy to help.

Please contact us and we will take it from there.


Without our clients (we like to view them as partners) there’s nothing. Together we push the boundaries of what’s possible in extremely short turnarounds –

and by design, they have immediate and unrestricted access to 1300 experts within strategy, creativity, data, and tech through The North Alliance, should they need it. All of it via your own customer success manager.

CaaS – the tool

Our platform creates a seamless and smooth experience

NoA Elevate is a next generation agency, but also a tech-platform delivering content as a service (Caas). Briefing for your campaigns, requesting content, and receiving delivery, has never been easier. Our tool is custom designed to eliminate the complexities of producing creative, data driven content, leaving you with, well, relief and satisfaction.